Instructions (First use):


The bottom is powered on and SOUND FUN automatically starts up


2.Connected to the Internet

Please make sure your phone is connected to the same wireless network SOUND FUN will connect to.

     1. Complete registration and login in the sound APP

     2. After the power is switched on, SOUND FUN will enter the state to be connected to the Internet.
       (note: the speaker will automatically retrain after the network is disconnected. When forced to change
         the network, long press the networking button to reconnect the network Winding)

     3. Select the speaker model you want to connect to the Internet in the speaker APP,
         and input Wi-Fi password according to the APP, complete the networking operation.


                                                                                  Select wifi


3.Product structure diagram



                                              Side                                                                                 Buttom

Version information

If you need to know the device information of SOUND FUN, you can ask in the wake state. 
For example: "' Sound Fun, 'version information." Of course, you can also view the detailed version
information in the sound APP -- speaker Settings

4. Basic operations

    a.Voice operation- wake up

        Say "hello Ann" to SOUND FUN to wake her up.The aperture on the top of
        the speaker comes together,Then you can have a conversation with her. 
        (note: the wake-up word "hello Ann" can be replaced in the sound APP – sound settings)



           -- content on demand

              Wake up and tell the songs, programs, radio, children's stories, etc


           -- playback control

               After waking up, voice operation can be done volume, fast forward/backward,
               pause/continue to play, last song/next song, collection, etc.


           -- assistant service

               After waking up, you can not only set the alarm clock, query the time, weather and
               other contents, but also control the connected Sound Fun smart home device.