Sound Detection of AI Sound


How to play the music Singer
play Beyoncé for me
play Jay Chou for me
play lady gaga for me
Song name
play the Halo from Beyoncé
play silence from Jay Chou 
I want to listen pocker face
play Remember me
next song, please.
stop playing the song
Sorry, I want to listen to music
How to ask about the wheather what is the wheather today?
what is the wheather in next 7 days?
will it rain today?
what is the whether  in Japan today?
will it rain tomorrow night?
what Is the whether in Korea today?
How to set the alram clock set me an alarm at 6:00 tomorrow morning
help me cancel the alarm
remind me to book my ticket tomorrow
How to translate how to translate apple into chinese?
what is the spanish of apple
how to pronounce vehicle in germany?
how can say "buenos dias"  in Japanese 
how to transalate " 早上好“ to english?
How to ask about time what time is it now?
tell me the japanese time
tell me the korean time
tell me the indian time
How to broadcast audiobook play the audibook
play the audio 
How to enquire the unit conversion  how many millimeters equal to on cent?
how many millliliters equal to 10 liters?
How to add some message I wanna leave a message
delete the message
How to count what is 3000 times 2?
what is 2 plus 4 plus 2378?
How to add some memo remind me to walk tonight at 8:00 pm
I wanna check the memo
delete the memo
Small talk who is my best friend?
tell me a joke
what day it is today>
who am i?
who is the most beautify women in the world?
I wanna fly
will I die?
Currency Converter how many RMB in one US dollor?
how many HK dollor in one US Dollor?
Assistant for elderly and children please dial 999
please call my son
call the ambulence 
call 110
Other special functions when the temperature higher than 50 degree, it will directly call the 911 and send the message to the connected phone
Customr services AI Sound (Product enquiry)
Service Line:888666
Service Time: 9:00am-18:00pm
AI Sound (Account enquiry)
Online Service: http://ai-sound/
Online Service Time: 10:00-19:00  Momday-Sunday
Service Line: 888777
service Time:12:00-20:00. Monday-Friday
How to use bluetooth Avalible for smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet           Connection: open AI Sound app-> setting bluetooth->  open AI Sound bluetooth->connection
Play Mucis: open AI Sound App-> setting bluetooh->open AI Sound bluetooth->connection